Differences of Opinion in Water Treatment Quality

A Comprehensive Plant Audit

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The challenge

The contract between the water treatment facility owner and service provider said one thing. The reality was a different story.

Faced with the challenge of treating water that fluctuated significantly in its composition (due to organic fouling and high inorganic scaling potential), the client contracted with an equipment supplier to provide and operate their process water system (6,000 m3/d or 1.6 MGD).

Yet from the very beginning, water quantity and quality fell short of the contract’s specifications. Operating costs also far exceeded expectations due to high cleaning chemical costs and the excess use of consumables, including cartridge filters, membrane elements, and valves.

Due to the severe system performance problems and provider shortcomings, the facility owner decided not to renew the service contract. Instead, it engaged OrangeBoat to provide technical support for the optimization of the water treatment system. Due to successful optimization, OrangeBoat was further contracted to act as an advisor during the negotiations with the new service provider.

Steps taken

OrangeBoat carried out a comprehensive plant audit, which included a site visit, review of operating data, equipment, operation and maintenance practices.


OrangeBoat identified numerous process design flaws, equipment flaws, ineffective chemicals and incorrectly applied maintenance practices for the water treatment system. These findings and recommendations for remedy were published in the audit report. Upon implementing OrangeBoat’s recommendations, the new service provider improved performance and reduced operating costs.

Maintaining our presence as part of the technical operations team for the water treatment system, OrangeBoat enables the customer to effectively monitor the new service company’s day-to-day performance.