Fresh Scrutiny for New Water Treatment Technology

Technology Assessment

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The Challenge

You have just developed a new and innovative technology to be used in water treatment, but how do you know if a new technology can deliver on its promise?

A company developed a proprietary technology for use in water treatment. A few questions remained, however, about the applications for which it was best suited. Prior to going to market, the company needed to evaluate the proprietary technology thoroughly and identify product applications. To accomplish that task, it tapped the expertise of OrangeBoat. OrangeBoat was able to provide expert advice and a new set of eyes and ensure that the final product fulfilled the expectation.

Steps taken

To begin this project, OrangeBoat thoroughly reviewed the proprietary technology. The next step was to prepare an assessment measuring its strengths and weaknesses. This was done by weighing this company’s technology against competitive technologies to assure both quality and performance standards.


Following OrangeBoat’s thorough investigation, this company had reaffirmed confidence in their technology. All of the technology’s strengths had been identified, and attention had been called to any opportunities. Furthermore, The proprietary technology provider then used the assessment from OrangeBoat for the development of its sales and marketing strategy.