Recovering from a Water Industry Foul

OrangeBoat Streamlines Plant Cleaning

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The Challenge

This company was presented with a unique and frustrating issue that began with a cleaning problem, and was slowly growing to affect all aspects of the company.

Both productivity and company operations were grinding to a halt while they sought to resolve the problem. Everyone was on edge hoping to find the solution. Fouling at a desalination plant resisted all attempts at remediation and was taking an increasingly serious toll on operations.

Performance had dropped off precipitously. On top of that, operating costs rose as higher feed pressures led to increased energy consumption. Cleaning costs also jumped due to more frequent cleanings using various chemical formulations. Seeking to regain the upper hand, the operators asked OrangeBoat for assistance. Clearly, this was a major problem for this desalination plant.

So, we grabbed the helm and headed into this challenge with full steam.


The evidence of fouling was clear. The causes weren’t. OrangeBoat assessed the situation and methodically evaluated potential solutions before arriving at the optimal course forward.

Steps Taken

To get to the bottom of this company’s urgent issue, we began by conducting a series of cleaning evaluations. This determined the optimal method to remove fouling. Then, generic and proprietary cleaning chemical chemistries from various manufacturers were tested for their efficacy. Finally, OrangeBoat evaluated several cleaning methods used for foulant removal to find the best water treatment cleaner on the market for this client.


fter identifying the optimal cleaning chemical chemistries and methods for foulant removal, OrangeBoat resolved this plant’s fouling problem by developing a cleaning procedure tailored specifically for the customer. Its implementation significantly reduced plant operation costs, and made the plant operators happy to have OrangeBoat on their team.