Traumatic Water Membrane Injury

OrangeBoat to the Rescue!

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The Challenge

It’s often tough work restarting a closed water treatment plant. That’s why you need OrangeBoat!

Something was wrong with the RO membrane elements at the client’s brackish water treatment facility (2,000 m3/day or 0.53 MGD). They were failing every 4 to 6 months due to severe permeate flow decline and high salt passage – and had been from day one.

On-site service companies addressed the issue by recommending additional and different cleaning chemicals along with cheaper second tier membrane elements (using on- and off-spec products). No matter what they tried, nothing seemed to be working.

Eventually the lack of RO permeate available for steam generation forced the shutdown of the entire site. The operators needed immediate help. They called OrangeBoat and we got to work improving their water treatment plant.

Steps Taken

To resolve this clients issues, OrangeBoat carried out a comprehensive plant audit. We started with an on-site visit. Next, we reviewed all of the client’s operating data, as well as all practices and procedures involving equipment, operations, and maintenance.


Following the assessment of the on-site audit, OrangeBoat identified a range of process design flaws, equipment flaws, ineffective chemicals and incorrectly applied maintenance practices for the water treatment system. These findings and OrangeBoat’s recommendations for remedy were published in a comprehensive audit report. After the customer implemented the majority of the recommendations pertaining to the process design, equipment, chemicals and maintenance practices, the membrane life was extended from 4 to 6 months to 3 years.

Another happy client rescued thanks to OrangeBoat!